What are the stone crushing equipment?

Stone is also called stone. After crushing and other processing, it can be used in construction, sculpture and other industries. What are the stone crushing equipment and what advantages do they have in the processing of stone? Made the following introduction.

Stone crushing equipment

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is an important equipment for processing stone, which can be adjusted within the range of 10mm—400mm. The outstanding advantages of this equipment in operation are:

(1) The crushing cavity is deeper, which can handle more stones in a unit time, which improves the crushing efficiency of the equipment and increases the output of the equipment.

(2) The special flywheel design improves the stability of the equipment in operation and makes the equipment more durable in operation.

(3) The processed stone has uniform particles and low needle flake content, which avoids the pollution of dust to the working environment and reduces the health hazards to operators during production.

2. Cone crusher

Cone crusher is an energy-saving, high-efficiency crushing equipment, which can effectively increase the profitability of users in production. What are the advantages of cone crushers:

(1) The crushing principle of lamination can be selected to selectively crush stones of different sizes, which improves the crushing efficiency of the equipment.

(2) The use of hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly remove debris in the crushing cavity and greatly reduce the downtime of the equipment during operation.

(3) Equipped with iron-passing protection device and automatic control system, which can smoothly pass the equipment’s non-crushable iron pieces through the crushing cavity, realize automatic protection of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.

Cone crusher

3. Impact crusher

The impact crusher can perform medium and fine crushing of coarsely crushed stones. In the production and processing of materials, the performance characteristics of the equipment are as follows:

(1) According to the actual needs of users, the discharge port of the equipment can be adjusted to improve the crushing efficiency of the equipment.

(2) For the vulnerable parts of the equipment, they are made of materials with high wear resistance and strong pressure resistance to make the equipment more durable in operation and reduce the user’s expenditure on equipment maintenance.

(3) It can crush materials with large hardness and large lumps very well, and the finished products are mostly cube-shaped, without tension and cracks.

Stone crushing equipment price

The stone crushing equipment produced by Hongxing Machinery not only has a variety of models, but also has a low price positioning of various types of crushing equipment, which can reduce the user’s expenditure when purchasing the equipment and save a lot of costs for the user. The manufacturer’s pricing of the equipment is biased. The main reason for the low is that the manufacturers independently carry out the research and development, production and sales of the equipment, and there are few circulation links in the middle, and the comprehensive investment of the manufacturers is reduced, so the market price of the equipment is cheap.

Stone crushing equipment price

In addition to crushing and processing the stone, users sometimes need to perform a certain grinding process to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of the stone. The price of stone crushing equipment should be more concerned by users. Users want to pay more attention to the equipment they need. If you have a more detailed understanding of the price, you can consult by phone. We will make a more reasonable and economical quotation for the equipment you need based on your actual situation.

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