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Introduction to Turquoise

Turquoise is a kind of water-containing copper-aluminum phosphate, with uneven texture and light to dark color. It is often accompanied by spots, streaks or iron lines. It is a very high-quality jade material. It is used in Hubei, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, China. It is widely distributed in Xinjiang and other places.


The commonly used equipment for turquoise processing is the turquoise crusher, which is developed and produced by relevant experts in the industry in accordance with the mineralogical characteristics of turquoise technology and on the basis of the jaw crusher. It has good professionalism and pertinence. Its crushing effect is very good, and it has a good market reputation at home and abroad. So what is the price of turquoise crusher? This is a problem that everyone is more concerned about. The following is a brief analysis for everyone.

Turquoise Crusher

Factors affecting the price of turquoise crusher

At present, there are countless manufacturers of turquoise crusher in the market, and the price of turquoise crusher is also uneven, mainly due to factors such as equipment quality, market competition, and size. The specific performance is as follows:

1. Production cost

The production cost of a turquoise crusher is a direct factor that determines its price. The level of technology input and the quality of materials used all affect its price. Generally speaking, the cost of technology invested by large manufacturers is higher and the raw materials selected are better. Therefore, the price will be about 5%-10% higher than that of other small manufacturers. Of course, the quality of such equipment will be more reliable and the performance advantages will also Will be more reliable and can create more significant economic profits for users.

On the contrary, some informal small manufacturers do not have professional technical R&D personnel and systematic production plants, and the equipment technology and material costs are relatively small, so the equipment prices will be relatively low, but the quality of such equipment cannot be guaranteed. And the production capacity is basically not up to the standard, so it is not recommended to buy.

2. Market competition

Turquoise crusher manufacturers are mainly distributed in Henan, Shanghai, Shanxi and other places, among which Henan is the majority, accounting for about 60% of the country’s total, and most of them are private enterprises. Therefore, there is very fierce price competition among various manufacturers. , So the equipment price is generally lower.

3. Size

The price of turquoise crushers of different specifications will also vary greatly, usually fluctuating between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

For example, the PE-150×250 type equipment has a total weight of 0.8t, a feed opening size of 150x250mm, and a freely adjustable discharge particle size between 10-40mm. The output is relatively low, generally around 3t per hour, so the price Quite cheap, maybe around 50,000 yuan;

The total weight of the PE-1600×2100 equipment is 105.6t, and the output per unit is as high as 2200t. The finished turquoise particles can be adjusted between 300-400mm and the adjustment range is larger. The price may be less than 500,000 yuan.

Turquoise crusher manufacturers

Henan Dewo crusher Machine Turquoise Crusher Price

The turquoise crusher produced by Henan Dewo crusher Machinery is at a relatively low price in Henan, and at the same time it can guarantee its quality. Not only because our company is a direct selling company, but also an important reason is that our company has always advocated the “small profits but quick turnover” business method, insisting on starting from the interests of customers and selling better products at low prices. This is already in the industry. Well known. So in general, our company’s equipment is more cost-effective.

Turquoise crushers not only have a high market position in the domestic market, but also are exported to Russia, the United States, Australia, Egypt, Iran, South Africa and other countries with rich turquoise mineral resources, and are highly recognized by domestic and foreign investors. In addition, our company not only produces high-quality and inexpensive turquoise crushers, but also provides users with corresponding counter-attack crushers, cone crushers and other related equipment. For more details, please visit our factory directly! Make an appointment.

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Henan Dewo crusher machinery

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At present, our company products have been all over the country’s major provinces and cities, we have exported to Russia, India, South America, the Middle East Africa and so on 121 countries and regions. in the near future, we will exploit a broader overseas markets.

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