Summary of correct use and maintenance methods of roller crushe

Roller crusher is a kind of crushing machinery widely used in many industries. In order to ensure that the roller crusher exerts greater crushing capacity, it is necessary to operate the roller crusher in accordance with the correct use and maintenance methods.

Roll crusher

1) Before starting the equipment, the operator should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, including the bolt tightening of each part, the oil level of the reducer and the lubrication of the bearings.

2) The crusher should be started without load, and the feed can only be started when it reaches the normal speed and there is no abnormal condition. The material supply should be stopped before the normal shutdown, and the machine can only be shut down after the material in the crushing cavity is drained, except in special circumstances. It is not allowed to start with load.

3) After a long period of inactivity or before starting for the first time, the crusher should be fully inspected to see whether the bolts are loose, whether the reducer is filled with sufficient lubricating oil, whether the bearing is filled with grease, whether the electrical circuit and the control switch are connected Correct, whether the wiring is loose, whether the material in the crushing cavity has been removed. After confirming that it is correct, start the crusher by jog and observe whether the running direction of the crusher is correct before it can be officially started.

4) When abnormal noise is found in the crusher during use, abnormal temperature rise of the transmission unit, oil, or peculiar smell, the machine should be shut down in time, and the cause can be found out and the fault can be eliminated before restarting.

Roll crusher

5) The motor bearings and main bearings of the crusher are removed and cleaned once a year; the reducer is cleaned and replaced once a year.

6) When overhauling the crusher, first cut off the power supply and hang up the overhaul sign to ensure the safety of overhaul personnel.

7) Fasteners should be tightened again after 3 months of operation of the crusher, and regular maintenance should be conducted, including weekly, monthly, and annual inspections.

Weekly inspection: Every week, check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, whether the electrical wiring is damaged, and the working condition of the reducer and motor.

Monthly inspection: check the wear of the broken teeth at least once a month.

Annual inspection: It is required to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the crusher, dismantle and wash the bearings of the motor, reducer, and crushing roller, clean up the waste lubricating oil in the crusher body, check the wear of the transmission parts, if the wear is serious, replace it in time, and tighten the bolts of each part 1 time.

After disassembling the body for inspection and reassembly, a layer of sealant must be evenly coated on the joint surface of the upper and lower bearing seats and the stationary joint surface of the body to prevent oil leakage on the sealing surface.

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