Structure improvement of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is a kind of common conveying equipment, and it is also widely used. The existing screw conveyors also have certain defects, such as the bolts are easy to break, the bearings are easy to damage, and the failure rate is high. Several structural improvements are given below.

(1) Increase the strength of the connecting part at the intermediate shaft

In production, the connecting bolts between the screw conveyor blade flange and the intermediate shaft flange are easily broken. You can start by increasing the strength of the connecting part and change the diameter of the screw conveyor blade flange. After the improvement, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection. If individual bolts are found to be loose and broken, the machine should be shut down for maintenance as soon as possible to avoid serious fracture of the connecting bolts.

(2) Remove the tail bearing and bearing seat**

The head of the screw conveyor adopts a thrust bearing, and the tail adopts a radial bearing and its bearing seat (gourd head). Due to the limitation of sealing conditions and the easy damage of the sealing ring, dust and materials can easily enter the bearing seat and become sludge, making the bearing more vulnerable to damage , The use period is less than one year. To this end, the tail bearing and bearing seat can be removed, and an intermediate shaft can be installed at the tail. Like other intermediate shafts, the suspension bearing (hanging tile holder) is used for inverted support, but attention should be paid to leveling the tail suspension bearing to make it compatible with other suspensions. The bearing maintains straightness.

(3) Increase the single section length of the screw conveyor**

The short length of a single section results in a large number of sections when the conveying distance is slightly longer. In order to reduce the source of failure of the connecting part, a screw conveyor composed of two sections can be processed into one section, and the flange also uses the aforementioned thickened structure , And in the flange and thick-walled steel pipe welding place, the triangular rib is welded in three equal parts to prevent the flange from twisting. After improvement, it can be used for more than one year, and the operation is good. In addition, the number of intermediate shafts is reduced, which can significantly reduce failures.

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