Solve the energy saving and environmental protection method of jaw crusher

Introduction to the basic situation of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a kind of modern basic traditional crusher equipment. It has a wide range of applications and does not have strict requirements for the types of materials. It occupies a very important position in the entire mining industry. It can not only be used as a single crusher The equipment is used to complete the crushing of various materials, and it also plays a pivotal and important role in various production lines. At present, the domestic production and processing technology of this equipment has been at a medium-to-high level. In order to fully demonstrate the characteristics of the Henan Dewo Jaw Crusher, and at the same time, in an environmentally responsible attitude, Henan Dewo crusher Group has carried out other than functions in the production process of this equipment. The innovation and improvement measures-energy saving and environmental protection, have attracted greater attention from industry professionals. And the result is enough to show: this technology has been successful in the application of jaw crusher and has made great progress.

Energy saving and environmental protection schemes and measures of jaw crusher

1. Scheme

Energy conservation and environmental protection are the mainstream topics in the new era and the new era. With the continuous strengthening of human environmental protection awareness, environmental problems have become more and more prominent and have seriously threatened human health. Humans have decided to adopt rational and scientific methods to deal with today’s polluted environment. problem. The consistent thinking of today’s scientists is: to ask questions-analyze the problem-solve the problem to deal with the research of the problem.

Then Henan Dewo experts also use this process to discuss the improvement of energy saving and environmental protection of jaw crushers, and provide a series of solutions to comprehensively manage environmental protection, and successfully apply this new technology to all equipment of the company In this field, Henan Dewo crusher Group’s achievements in this field have been unanimously recognized by the industry. A series of energy saving and environmental protection measures are also implemented step by step in accordance with this step process. The following is a detailed explanation of the specific measures.

2. Specific measures

Asking questions: Asking questions means that the problem must be discovered, and then the result of the written theory of the written text can be formed. Only when the problem is found can the problem be raised, and the “combination of theory and practice” must be strictly observed in the process of raising the problem. The idea is to conduct written discussions on the subjective and objective factors of the problem. Only in this way can it be beneficial to the research and analysis of the problem. Mankind found that environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, and then initially found the key factors of environmental pollution. The main reason is that large amounts of exhaust gas and waste are directly discharged into the atmosphere without any preventive measures during the startup and operation of large equipment, and a large amount of exhaust gas It reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form some carcinogens. Over time, this carcinogen is accumulated more and more and gradually becomes a killer that threatens the air environment.

Analyze the problem: The process is to conduct a strict theoretical analysis of the problem raised to find the root of the problem, including the basic factors, core factors, and key factors that caused the problem, and put some analysis plans in the form of text. The list is listed, which is more convenient for problem analysis, research and resolution. The main problem that affects environmental factors is the motor part of the equipment, so in-depth analysis and exploration from the motor components, and comprehensive tests from the performance and power of the motor.

First of all in terms of performance:

The performance of the engine not only affects the production efficiency of the equipment at all times, but also has a profound impact on the surrounding environment. Only high-quality, low-energy-consumption, and international standards-compliant electric motors will not cause great harm to the environment, because the electric motors are in the design and manufacturing process. Both China and China conduct scientific research around the concept of environmental protection, and are strictly scientific and advanced.

Power aspect:

As we all know, the power of the motor is a very core parameter. If the power is too large, the production efficiency of the equipment will naturally increase, but it is not conducive to energy saving and environmental protection, and it has a very harmful effect on the environment. This is obviously a very irrational choice; but too small power plays a decisive role in protecting environmental protection, but there is no stable guarantee for production efficiency, which will cause huge economic losses to customers, so blindly choose low power The electric motor device is also undesirable. How to balance the two key factors of environmental protection and production efficiency is a big problem faced by the mining industry. We will discuss specific measures in detail in the problem solving section.

Jaw Crusher

Problem solving: problem solving is the end of all work. All the above preparations are premises. They are all preparations for problem solving. Through a series of analysis, demonstration, reasoning, and experiments, all subjective and objective factors are considered. In addition, it is an important way to solve the problem by fully comparing each result of the analysis, and screening out reasonable solutions. The energy-saving and environmental-friendly solution is to further improve the engine components. Specific measures should use high-spec, low-power, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly motor devices, and at the same time, further supplement the components.

For example, the reasonable addition of noise elimination components makes the performance of electric motors more perfect. At the same time, in order to fully ensure the rationalization of production efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection, Henan Dewo crusher Group adopts the theory of “removing the two ends and taking the middle” to weigh the two parameters. , And strive to bring the two key parameters to a higher level. This requires a series of complex calculations, experiments, demonstrations and other processes, so that the results are more scientific, reasonable and convincing.

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