Six points to pay attention to in the production operation of sand making machine

The sand making machine is usually used in combination with the sand washing machine to meet the sand demand and provide sand and gravel materials with uniform particle size. The sand making machine is the key sand making equipment on the sand making machine production line and plays a core role. Therefore, the normal and high efficiency operation of the sand making machine has an important impact on the entire sand making production link to a certain extent. In the machine production process, the operator still needs to pay attention to some operational matters to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. What are the precautions for operation?

1. It is necessary to ensure that the materials entering the sand making machine cannot be mixed with unbreakable materials such as broken iron and broken steel. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, personnel who are not related to production should use the equipment.

2. The direction of rotation of the impeller of the sand making machine cannot be reversed. It is found that the reversal may be a malfunction of the equipment.

3. Be careful not to have abnormal vibration or noise during the operation of the sand making machine equipment, otherwise it must be shut down for inspection.

4. Periodically check the tightness of the connecting bolts of the equipment to avoid damage to the equipment caused by loose or falling bolts.

5. The lubrication point of the equipment needs to add new oil every shift. The lubricating oil is generally special special grade 3# lithium-based grease to ensure that the bearing parts are clean and have good lubrication.

Sixth, the drive belt must have a proper tension, and the current difference between the two motors should not be greater than 15A in the case of double belt transmission.

The above are the operating matters that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the sand making machine, which can ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the equipment.

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