Sand screening and washing machine

The sand screening and washing machine is a new multifunctional sand washing equipment that we have developed through many practices based on the actual needs of customers. This equipment combines a drum screen, a sand washer, a cyclone, and a dewatering screen, so that one device has the functions of screening, washing, dewatering, and recycling at the same time, energy saving and environmental protection! Scope of application: mining, aggregate processing, piling mud, river dredging treatment, urban construction waste incineration treatment, ceramic raw material processing, silica sand production and processing, various metal mine tailing treatment and many other industries.

Working Principle

The motor is transmitted to the reducer through the V-belt, and the reducer drives the impeller to operate continuously. The material is rolled and ground under the drive of the impeller, and impurities on the surface of the material are removed under the action of the water flow. The cleaned sand and gravel aggregates are separated with the blades to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The sand is separated from the impeller and enters the dewatering screen for dewatering. The sewage after the impeller is cleaned enters the under-screen water tank of the dewatering screen through the water tank. The water in the under-screen water tank is pumped to the cyclone by the slurry pump to realize the wastewater and fine sand again. Separation, the finished sand is clean and beautiful, the coarse and fine sand are distinct, and every grain of sand is not wasted!

Features & Advantages

This integrated screening and washing machine adopt a drum screen washing machine and a wheel sand washing machine in conjunction with a vibrating screen to form an integral structure. Multi-J screening and cleaning are combined, easy to produce and process, short production cycle, small footprint, and handling With large capacity, it can better carry out screening and cleaning, and promote the development of the screening and washing industry.

Technical Parameter

Model Diameter of Impeller (mm) Roller Spec.(mm) Sieve Plate Spec.(mm) Capacity (t/h) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Splitter Spec. Treated Water Capacity(m3/h) Power (kw) Weight (t) Overall Dimensions (mm)
SX10-26-55-1224 2600 1000×3000 1200×2400 20-40 40 250×2 100-140 35.9 7.7 7345×4980×2980
SX12-30-65-1530 3000 1200×3000 1500×3000 40-80 40 300×2 120-180 52.5 10.9 7750×5560×3070
SX15-36-75-1842D 3600 1500×3000 1800×4200 80-150 40 350×2 160-240 68.5 18.5 5800×5560×3662
SX15-36-75-2442J 3600 1500×3000 2400×4200 150-180 40 350×2 160-240 72.5 20 6500×6450×3662

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