Problems in the installation process of vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is a common equipment in the crushing process. In mining, hydropower, and highway construction, it is mainly used to classify broken rocks, ore or sand to obtain products of different sizes. The screen is an important part of the vibrating screen. The problems and improvement methods in the installation process are analyzed as follows.

The problems in screen installation are:

1) In order to increase the effective screening area, most screening equipment manufacturers design the support beam of the screen as a steel plate standing on the side, and then press or line a rubber protection strip on the steel plate. Therefore, No more pressure plate can be installed on it.

2) Some vibrating screens with a wide screen surface, such as YAH2460 single screen with a screen surface of 2.4m x 6.0m, divide the screen into two halves. The screen is pressed by a pressing plate and screws in the middle, and the screen is tensioned toward the screen frame with tension hooks at both ends. This method is fashionable for the first installation. After multiple installations, the screws cannot be removed due to the thread or rust on the fixing plate with internal threads on the screen frame beam, which brings a lot of inconvenience to maintenance. In addition, judging from the failure of the screen, although the screen has become shorter, the friction and tearing of the screen has not been significantly improved.

Vibrating screen

The following improvement measures can be used to solve the above problems:

1) Change the support beam (flat steel) to angle steel, and then line the upper surface of the angle steel with rubber to reduce the rigid contact between the screen and the angle steel;

2) Make the compression bolts into T-head bolts to prevent the bolts from spinning when tightening the bolts;

3) Choose a reasonable position to weld the required number of pallets on the angle steel. Take the YAH-2460 single screen as an example. Generally, three supporting angles can be designed, and each screen is pressed at the upper and lower positions, and each screen is pressed with 6 pressing plates. Before installing the screen, put the T-bolt on the pallet, with the angle steel exposed on the top.

4) Lay the screen, pre-tension, and then install the pressure plate; after the pressure plate is compressed, the screen is tensioned to the design requirements.

Vibrating screen

The above-mentioned improved method can solve the problems of screen extension, friction, etc. The pressure plate is installed on it, and is not affected by external conditions, and no treatment is required when replacing the screen, which is more convenient and feasible. In addition, the improved installation method can greatly extend the service life of the screen, while reducing maintenance time and greatly reducing production costs.

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