Portable impact crusher

The tire-type impact crusher is equipped with a high-performance impact crusher, with high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent crushing product quality, lightweight and reasonable structure design, and excellent crushing performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance, to meet the largest range of coarse, medium and fine materials crushing and screening requirements, and establish a good quality reputation for new and old customers at home and abroad. Not only is the technology mature, the operation and maintenance are simple and easy, but also the transportation volume and material Both particle size and abrasiveness have good adaptability, safety and reliability, and the integrated unit configuration is convenient and reasonable for installation and maintenance. Make the configured unit have high durability and higher working time.

Raw Materials

Limestone, granite, andesite, ore tailings, construction waste, etc.


Recycling of mines, coal mines, garbage and construction waste, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites.

Features & Advantages

01. Flexible mobility.

The tire-type impact crusher has a high vehicle-mounted construction site and a small turning radius, which saves time for quick entry to the construction site and eliminates the cumbersome steel frame structure and foundation construction during crushing.

02. The job function is direct and effective.

The equipment includes a primary crushing station, a secondary crushing and screening station, and a belt conveyor. Each level of crushing station is an independent working unit, which can perform different responsibilities. The belt conveyor is responsible for the work between each crushing station. Material transfer and stacking.

03. Reliable performance and easy maintenance.

The equipment is equipped with a high-performance impact crusher, with a lightweight and reasonable structure design, high crushing efficiency, versatility, and excellent crushing product quality. It can meet the requirements of crushing and screening of coarse, medium and fine materials in the largest range. It is not only technical Mature, easy to operate and maintain.

04. The technology guarantees the quality pass.

The accumulation of more than ten years of mining crushing equipment production technology and experience has created a simple, reasonable and compact vehicle structure of this equipment, with multiple levels of checks, ensuring the quality of each equipment.

Working principle

The materials are uniformly transported by the feeder to the tire impact crusher for preliminary crushing, and then form a closed circuit system through the vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of the materials. The finished materials are output by the conveyor for continuous crushing operations. The tire-tire impact crusher for construction waste can remove the circular vibrating screen according to actual production needs to realize the direct preliminary crushing of materials, and it is convenient and flexible to use with other crushing equipment.


DWP series mobile impact crusher plant
Category Type
Shipping size
Length 10800 11400 11490 12000
Width 2780 2780 2880 2865
Height 4170 4300 4470 4500
Weight 30 39.3 46.3 42
Impact crusher
Type XF391P(T) XF471P(T) XF472P(T) XF511P(T)
Feeding port size 630X1100 740X1100 760X1450 1080X1550
Maximum feeding size 400 500 500 600
Capacity(m3/h) 50-80 70-120 100-180 160-250
Vibrating feeder
Type FGT271 FGT351 FS371 FS431
Silo volume 3.2 7.6 9 10
Silo width 2200 3150 3290 3000
Main belt conveyor
Type B800X7.0Y B800X7.5Y B1000X7.2Y B1000X8Y
Side belt conveyor (optional)
Type B400X2.7Y B500X2.7Y B500X2.7Y B500X2.7Y
Iron remover (optional)
Type RCYD-8.0 RCYD-8.0 RCYD-10.0 RCYD-10.0
Frame axle number
Number of axes 2 2 2 3
Remarks: 1. The above parameters are for   reference only. If there are any updates or changes, the technical data shall   prevail. 2. Only the main belt conveyor is shown in the table, and other   related belt conveyors are shown in the drawing paper.

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