Performance comparison between low external movable jaw crusher

The low external movable jaw crusher is a new type of crusher, suitable for coarse crushing equipment in hard rock underground mines. Compared with ordinary traditional jaw crushers, the two have many differences in structure and performance. For example, in terms of structure, unlike the traditional jaw crusher, the low external movable jaw crusher has a connecting rod collar device, which directly transmits the eccentric movement to the movable jaw, and transmits the movement of the eccentric shaft to the outside movement through the side plate. Jaw. The following will analyze in detail the difference in performance between the low external movable jaw crusher and the traditional jaw crusher.

Low external movable jaw crusher

1) The new type of low-profile external movable jaw crusher has an ideal movement trajectory. Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, the crushing direction travel is large, the wear direction travel is small, and the travel ratio is small, reducing wasteful work, lower energy consumption, and single machine than traditional jaw crusher. The jaw crusher can save energy by 15%~30% while greatly reducing the wear of the liner.

2) The reciprocating movement of the external movable jaw, low and low crusher, provides reliable feeding guarantee for crushing and promotes discharging. When there are many large ore blocks, the crushing cavity hardly gets stuck, while traditional jaw crushers are likely to cause stuck The mine reduces the blasting operation and the damage of the mine box caused by the Inka mine, reduces the safety risk, and improves the production capacity.

3) It is convenient for operation and inspection personnel to observe the crushing cavity, and it is easy to detect the discharge port, which is convenient to grasp the operating status of the equipment in time, and prevent the tooth plate from loosening and falling off to the mine bin, and large metal parts and other non-broken objects in the crushing cavity cause the tooth plate The occurrence of faults such as fragmentation.

4) The discharge port of the external movable jaw low-profile crusher is easy to adjust. As long as the nut on the tie rod is loosened, the adjustable jaw sags by its own weight. This is achieved by adding or reducing gaskets. Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, no hydraulic device is required.

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