PCZ Heavy Duty Hammer Crusher

PCZ series heavy-duty hammer crusher, commonly known as the weight hammer crusher, is a new type of hammer crusher developed according to the development trends of the crushing industry and combined with the experimental data of the stone crushing test base. It is suitable for crushing brittle materials with a compressive strength of not more than 150Mpa. , Such as limestone, bluestone, coal gangue, shale, gravel, gneiss, etc.; if the output is less than 500 tons per hour, it can replace the secondary crushing mode of jaw crushing + counter-attack crushing. More than 500 tons, need to be equipped with a second breaking machine. The input material is less than or equal to 1600, and the hourly output is 100-3000 tons. The model is complete; it has the excellent performance of large input size, high crushing ratio, adjustable output size, and large output. The operation is simpler and more convenient, and the operation is safer and more reliable.

Raw Materials

It is widely used in coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick, limestone crushing process.


It is suitable for crushing medium hardness and brittle materials in mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, highway, combustion and other departments.

Hammer crusher is used for crushing all kinds of medium hard and weak abrasive materials. The compressive strength of the material is not more than 100MPa, and the moisture content is less than 15%. It is widely used in coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick, limestone crushing process.

Working Principle

Heavy duty hammer crusher is a kind of crushing machine which uses the high-speed impact of a hammerhead to crush and finely crush materials. The hammerhead of the heavy-duty hammer crusher is hinged on a high-speed rotating rotor, and a grate bar is arranged at the lower part of the body to control the discharging particle size. The materials fed into the hammer crusher are first crushed by the impact of the high-speed hammerhead, and obtain kinetic energy at the same time. They fly to the crushing plate on the inner wall of the casing at high speed to be crushed again. The material smaller than the grate gap between the grate bars is discharged out of the machine, and the material block larger than the grate gap is again impacted and ground by the hammer on the grate until it is discharged.

Features & Advantages

The details determine the quality, and the core rotor has a longer service life

1. All the vulnerable parts of the rotor disc are equipped with wear-resistant retaining rings. The bolts are uniformly used with high-strength bolts with a 10.9 yield strength of 640MPA and a tensile strength of 800MPA, which are wear-resistant and impact-resistant, and are easy to replace and maintain.

2. The hammer disc is designed with eight-way hammer shaft holes and 4 spare shaft holes. Tungsten alloy steel shaft sleeves are embedded in the hammer shaft holes, which greatly prolongs the life of the rotor disc.

3. The belt pulley and the main shaft are connected by an expansion sleeve, which is more non-slip than the traditional key connection.

4. The hammer head can rotate 360 degrees around the hammer shaft, avoiding direct impact with the spacer sleeve during the turning process of the hammer head, and protecting the hammer shaft from breaking easily.

5. Hammer production has modern casting workshops and spectrum analyzers, using advanced composite hammers, the hammer handle is impact resistant, and the hammer head is wear-resistant.

Product Video

Animation details about the working principle

Live video which is cut from our customers’ running site

Technical Parameter

Model Rotor Dia.Length
Feed Opening
Max. Feeding Size (mm) Capacity
Overall Dimensions
PCZ- 0706 700×570 618×510 400 50-70 75 1950×1340×1480
PCZ- 0808 800×750 780×610 500 80-100 132 2280×1790×1670
PCZ- 0910 900×1000 1070×750 600 150-200 110×2 2600×2200×1940
PCZ- 1012 1000×1180 1255×810 650 250-300 132×2 2800×2310×2210
PCZ- 1213 1200×1280 1350×920 750 300-350 160×2 2970×2580×2510
PCZ-1216 1200×1590 1530×920 750 400-500 200×2 3070×2840×2580
PCZ-1220 1220×1950 2000×920 750 500-600 220×2 3080×3380×2580
PCZ-1622 1620×2200 2200×1100 900 600-800 250×2 3650×3250×3450

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