Operate the sand washing machine correctly to extend the service life

The equipment for washing and dressing artificial sand (including natural sand) is widely used in the washing and dressing of materials in industries such as sand and quarry, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, and concrete mixing plants. Sand washing machines can be divided into two types: XS type and XL type. The XS series high-efficiency sand washing machine produced by Dewo sand washing Machine is a bucket-type necessary sand washing equipment used with the sand making machine. It can wash the mixed sand produced by the sand making machine to remove traces of stone powder and impurities, thereby improving The quality of the sand. It can remove impurities covering the surface of the sand and at the same time destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand to facilitate dehydration and play a role in high-efficiency sand washing and cleaning.

Any machine has certain requirements and specifications when in use. A reasonable grasp of the operating specifications of the sand washer equipment will help improve the safety of the sand washer equipment and the service life of the sand washer equipment. The following explains the operating specifications of the sand washing machine equipment.

1. The user should install protective equipment on the V-belt according to the specific conditions of the site before it can operate.

2. Do not add stones that exceed the specified size.

3. When the sand washer is running, if abnormal vibration or noise is found, stop feeding immediately. After the materials in the box are exhausted, stop the motor immediately, stop and check, and then continue to run after troubleshooting. In case of a tight situation, stop the motor first and start it.

4 Before starting the sand washing machine, rotate the rotor by hand to check whether there are any abnormalities in all parts of the machine.

5. Do not repair and clean up the sand washer when it is running, and it is strictly forbidden to start the machine for maintenance.

6. The sand washing machine should be rotated in a fixed direction, not reverse rotation.

7. The work site should not be piled up with debris, and there must be sufficient lighting equipment.

The sand washing machine is one of the important machines in the sand production line. After the finished sand is passed through the sand washing machine, very clean sand can be obtained. Both the appearance and quality of the sand can be praised by customers.

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