How to use jaw crusher to adjust discharge

As we all know, the outlet of jaw crusher can be adjusted according to the needs of users to obtain qualified product material size. Henan Dewo  crusher experts now on this issue, with you to do a simple description, hope to help you.

Jaw crusher

First of all, we should be clear that the thrust plate of jaw crusher, also known as the elbow plate, not only transfers power to make the movable jaw plate swing back and forth, but also has the function of safety insurance. Changing its length can also play the role of regulating the ore discharge mouth.

In order to protect the main parts of the equipment from damage, the rear thrust plate is used as the safety part of the crusher when the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher enters the unbreakable objects (such as iron ball, iron block, etc.). The rear thrust plate is generally cast into a whole body with a slot or a number of small holes in the middle to reduce its cross-sectional strength; it can also be cast into two pieces and then connected with screws (or rivets) to form a combined thrust plate. When the unbreakable materials enter the crushing chamber, the equipment is overloaded, and the huge crushing force is transmitted to the thrust plate, which causes the thrust plate to break or the screw of the combined thrust plate to cut off, and the machine stops working, which plays a protective role.

These knowledge may not be described in detail in the equipment manual, so users must learn more from crusher experts when purchasing equipment, installing and debugging, and master the safety and discharge adjustment of jaw crusher, so as to better stabilize production.

Jaw crusher

With the continuous wear and tear of the tooth plate, the discharge mouth gradually becomes larger and the product becomes coarser. In order to obtain the qualified product size, it is necessary to adjust the discharge port size regularly. There are mainly two ways to adjust the ore discharge outlet

1. The adjustment of the gasket is to place a group of gaskets between the back of the support seat of the rear thrust plate and the rear wall of the frame, increase or decrease the number of gaskets or change its thickness, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ore discharge port. This method is compact in structure and reliable in adjustment. It is widely used in large and medium jaw crushers.

2. Wedge adjustment is the adjustment of two wedges placed between the back seat of thrust plate and the frame, which is suitable for small crusher.

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