How to improve the crushing strength of the impact crusher

Users know that the plate hammer is a vulnerable part of the crusher, so its wear resistance is its service life is very important. In the early years, high manganese steel was used, so the impact crusher could not crush hard rock. Now Henan Dewo Crusher Machine uses high-chromium cast iron to make the hammer. One is KmTBCr26 and the other is KmTBCr20. The former hits the material speed. The former hits the material at a slightly slower speed than the latter, but the service life is more than 1/3 longer than that of the Cr20 plate hammer. Due to the use of high-chromium cast iron materials, the impact crusher can crush various materials of 350MPa.

The impact crusher has a wide variety of hammer shapes, including strip, I, T, S and axe shapes. The principle of the crusher to choose the shape of the hammer is that it is easy to manufacture and fasten and increase the service life. It is very important to choose the quality of the hammer reasonably. Scientific research shows that the moment of inertia of the blow bar accounts for about 30.8% of the total moment of inertia of the rotor. This shows the importance of a reasonable choice of the quality of the hammer.

There are several ways to fasten the blow bar on the rotor:

1. Bolt fastening method. The blow bar is fastened to the blow bar seat 1 of the rotor by means of bolts. The hammer seat has a tenon shape, which can use the tongue to withstand the impact force of the hammer during work, avoid the bolts from shearing, and improve the reliability of the bolt connection.

2. Embedded fastening method. The blow bar is inserted into the groove of the rotor from the side. In order to prevent axial movement, the two ends are positioned with pressure plates. Since the fastening bolts are removed, the reliability of the hammer work is improved. The centrifugal force generated during the rotation of the plate hammer and the reaction force during impact and crushing are used to tighten and self-lock, and the parts of the rotor that are vulnerable to wear are made into a replaceable structure, so the assembly and disassembly are simple and easy to manufacture.

3. Wedge fastening method. Use a wedge to insert it into the corresponding slot between the hammer and the rotor to tighten it.

For the above several fastening methods, the utilization rate of the plate hammer with the bolt fastening method is relatively high, usually up to about 50%, but it is expensive to replace and is not suitable for high impact loads, so it is generally used for small size crushers. Although the embedded fastening method and the wedge fastening method are easy to replace and work reliably, their metal utilization rate is generally low. Now we have improved the embedded fastening method, adopting a slotted hammer, with longitudinal grooves on the hammer surface, so the metal consumption is greatly reduced, and the working surface can be changed four times, and the service life is correspondingly increased. .

Henan Dewo crusher machine is a professional crusher equipment manufacturer. The impact crusher produced by the company is made of high chromium cast iron materials and a grooved hammer, which increases its life and better suits the needs of work.

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