How to choose a sand making equipment manufacturer?

As we all know, due to the different materials and process methods of beneficiation, the selected sand making equipment is also of various types and types, and the role of different equipment is also a common problem that plagues everyone. The engineers of Henan Dewo Machinery will introduce the selection Method of purchasing sand making equipment:

Henan Dewo Sand Making Machine Manufacturer

1. First, it is required to analyze and summarize your own production needs, what kind of raw materials and what kind of finished products are needed, and also consider the characteristics of your own mines (such as topography, climatic conditions), etc., and what you need to achieve Make detailed plans for the scale and expected benefits.

2. Next is the production line and sand making equipment. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of sand making equipment, and the level is also uneven, and it is also important to choose a manufacturer with a good after-sales service. Therefore, it is recommended that customers need to conduct on-site inspections. It is possible to have a more comprehensive understanding of the sand-making equipment that meets the type of ore, the basic process flow of ore production, and the approximate model, performance and specifications of the sand-making equipment. Compare the scope of use, technical parameters, working environment requirements, equipment models, etc. of sand making equipment from different manufacturers. Customers should be reminded that as the price of raw materials for machinery and equipment such as steel has risen, the price of sand making equipment has also risen.

3. Finally, pay attention to collecting feedback from colleagues (recommended workers at the beneficiation site) on the operation of the equipment. Summarize the possible problems in the various links of production and the problems that should be paid attention to frequently, so as to avoid problems to the greatest extent during the operation of their own equipment. It is also necessary to consult the supplier on the daily maintenance of sand making equipment.

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