GZD Vibrating feeder

GZD series vibrating feeder is characteristic of the adoption of double eccentric shaft exciter, which ensures that the machine can hold the impact force from bulk materials and improves the capacities. In the process of production, the feeder conveyor the grainy and bulk materials continuously and evenly to the targeted container, which prevent the container from crashing and prolong the service life.

The feeder structure is divided into steel-plate and bar-shaped one. The steel-plate structure is mostly used to feed all the materials evenly into crushers in the process of sandstone product line, while the bar-shaped structure can screen the materials before feeding into crusher that makes the system configuration more reasonable. It becomes an essential part of crushing and screening equipment and has a wide use in the fields of metallurgical, coal, mineral processing, building materials, chemical engineering, grinding, etc.

Features & Advantages

1.Linear motion track, smooth vibrating.

2.Special fence can prevent the raw material from blocking.

3.The distance between fences is adjustable.

This series of vibrating feeder is characteristic of reliable work, low noise, low power consumption and no phenomenon of rushing materials, easy maintenance, light in weight, small volume and easy adjusting and excellent performance. Using the body of closed structure can prevent dust contamination.

Working Principle

GZD Series Grizzly Vibrating Feeders are composed of frame, exciter, spring support, gear devices, etc. The vibrator, the source of vibrating force, includes two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and a gear pair, driven by the motor through the V-belts, with active shafts and passive shafts meshed and reverse rotation made by both of them, frame vibrating makes the materials continuously flow forward and thus achieves the aim of delivery.

Technical Parameter

Model Feeder Size(mm) Max.Feeding Size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power
Overall Dimensions
GZD750×2500 750×2500 300 50-80 3 1590 2580×1100×1400
GZD850×3000 850×3000 400 80-120 7.5 3900 3110×1800×1600
GZD960×3800 960×3800 500 100-210 11 4210 3850×1950×1630
GZD1100×4200 1100×4200 650 140-320 15 4850 4300×2050×1660
GZD1100×4900 1100×4900 650 140-360 18.5 5500 5000×2050×1700
GZD1300×4900 1300×4900 800 180-450 22 6680 5000×2350×1750
GZD1500×6000 1500×6000 950 400-750 30 9970 6160×2920×2295

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