Gear roller bearing parts of grading crusher

The toothed roller bearing component is an important working part of the grading crusher. Its main function is to bear the dead weight of the crushed toothed roller and the dynamic load generated when crushing materials. In the working process of the crusher, there are many problems in the gear roller bearing components, which have a great impact on the normal operation of the crusher. This article will summarize the problems existing in the use of gear roller bearing components and propose effective improvement measures to solve the problems.

The main problems in the use of gear roller bearing components are:

①The lubricating oil circuit is too tortuous, and the oil circuit plugging is designed to block the process hole, but sometimes the seal is not reliable and the grease cannot completely enter the bearing cavity, causing the bearing to run under poor lubrication and causing premature damage to the bearing .

②When installing, the bearing, bearing sleeve and sealing ring need to be heated at the same time after they are installed in place, and then they are installed on the gear roller shaft at the same time. The sealing ring will age during the heating process, causing sealing failure during use.

③When the bearing is damaged after long-term use and needs to be replaced, the shoulder size on the bearing sleeve is too small to install and remove tools, making it difficult to replace the bearing.

④The bearing will generate heat after running for a long time, causing internal pressure in the bearing cavity, and grease cannot enter. In order to realize the normal lubrication of the bearing, it is necessary to manually open the pressure relief plug to release the internal pressure, which increases the hidden danger of unreliable lubrication. .

⑤The labyrinth seal is not filled with grease, and the finer dust in the material crushing area will damage the seal ring.

In view of the above problems, the gear roller bearing components can be improved. The improvements include:

1) The oil pipe joint is installed on the bearing end cover instead of the bearing sleeve, which can effectively solve the problem of poor bearing lubrication caused by the inability of grease to enter the bearing cavity.

2) Design the original bearing sleeve into two parts (bearing sleeve and labyrinth ring) and then tighten them with bolts. When installing the bearing on the gear roller shaft, you only need to install the labyrinth ring and the sealing ring in place, and then heat the bearing sleeve and the bearing and install it on the gear roller shaft at the same time, avoiding the aging of the sealing ring during the heating process. Problem, prolong the life of the sealing ring.

3) Reduce the maximum outer diameter of the seal ring to leave enough space for maintenance to facilitate installation and removal of tools. When the bearing is damaged, remove the bearing seat, then remove the bolts, bearing sleeve and bearing end cover, and use a disassembly tool to remove the damaged bearing and replace it, which increases the maintainability of the bearing.

4) Machining a Φ2 oil outlet on the labyrinth ring can solve the problem of internal pressure in the bearing cavity after the bearing runs for a long time, and the labyrinth seal is filled with grease to make the labyrinth seal more reliable and effective Increase the life of seals and bearings. With PLC controlled automatic timing lubrication system, there is no need to worry about excessive oil output from the Φ2 oil outlet on the labyrinth ring.

After the improvement of gear roller bearing components, the accidents of bearing and sealing ring damage in the actual use process are significantly reduced, and the daily maintenance of the classification crusher is also reduced.


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