Double Spiral Screening Washing Machine

Double spiral screening washing machine is an integrated equipment with small footprint, simple operation, large processing capacity and better cleaning effect. it is a multifunctional water sand washing equipment that integrates water washing sand, dewatering and recycling of sand and gravel materials. The equipment consists of a spiral sand washing machine, a dewatering screen and a cyclone.

Working Principle

1. The classified material enters the front-end double spiral sand washing device. Due to the different sizes and specific gravity of the solid particles, the sedimentation speed in the liquid is different. The fine particles float in the water and overflow, and the coarse particles sink to the bottom of the tank. The screw push of the screw stone washing machine discharges to the upper part while using hydraulic and mechanical force to break up the ore and scrub the impurities and soil on the ore, wash the fine mud on the surface of the ore and separate it.

2. Then it falls into the front end of the tailings dry sieve. The single-direction excitation force generated by the vibrator makes the material reciprocate linearly and is discharged from the discharge port. During this process, the moisture on the material falls into the sieve through the screen. After being concentrated by centrifugal force, qualified materials enter the tailings dry discharge device for dehydration, and the rest of the wastewater enters the backwater device for discharge.

Features & Advantages

The structured setting is reasonable. The dry tailings screen and the spiral sand washing machine are used to form an overall structure. The screening and cleaning are combined, which is easy to produce and process. The production cycle is short, the area is small, the processing capacity is large, and the slurry is used. The pump and the cyclone are connected together to form the backflow of the water body, save the water body consumption, can better screen and clean, and promote the development of the screening and washing industry.

Technical Parameter

Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) Spiral Diameter (mm) Sink Length (mm) Sieve Plate Spec.(mm) Splitter Spec. (t/h) Max. Treated Water Capactiy(m3/h) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (t) Overall Dimensions (mm)
LX09-65-1530J 10 920 8000 1500×3000 FX300×2 150 50-80 47 8.48 11490×5560×3960
LX09-75-1836D 10 920 8000 1800×3600 FX350×2 200 60-100 56 10.14 11920×5560×4080
2LX09-100-2442J 10 920 8000 2400×4200 FX250×4 240 150-180 81 16.95 12550×5560×4048
2LX09-100-2448J 10 920 8000 2400×4800 FX250×4 240 150-180 81 17.25 13110×6450×4150
LX11-75-1836D 10 1120 8500 1800×3600 FX350×2 200 100-150 63.5 11.44 12230×5860×4250
LX11-75-1836J 10 1120 8500 1800×3600 FX350×2 200 100-150 70.5 11.75 12230×5860×4250
LX11-75-1842D 10 1120 8500 1800×4200 FX350×2 200 100-150 63.5 12.3 12830×5860×4250
LX11-100-1842J 10 1120 8500 1800×4200 FX250×4 240 100-150 77.5 12.55 12830×5860×4250
LX11-100-1848J 10 1120 8500 1800×4800 FX250×4 240 100-150 77.5 12.55 12830×5860×4250
2LX11-120-3048J 10 1120 8500 3000×4800 FX300×4 300 200-250 120 27.52 13560×7860×4300

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