Crushers commonly used in basalt production lines

Basalt is a kind of basic volcanic rock. In addition to feldspar and pyroxene, it contains minerals such as olivine, hornite and biotite. The color is generally black, and it is very versatile. The equipment used in the basalt production line includes There are many, among which the crusher is the more important equipment. Below we will introduce several commonly used crushers in basalt production lines.

Basalt crushing production line equipment

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is currently a kind of equipment that is widely used in basalt crushing, because it can crush large pieces of basalt, without the need for treatment before basalt crushing, which reduces the production cost of customers; higher crushing efficiency and higher The large crushing capacity improves the efficiency of the basalt production line, and the output of basalt has also increased a lot;

It processes a large amount of basalt without clogging the feed inlet, and can operate normally and smoothly. The energy saving and consumption reduction effect is good. The energy saving of the equipment is about doubled in the whole process, which reduces the customer’s cost to a certain extent. Operating cost; the structure is simple, the parts are fixed very firmly, and the operation is more stable.

2. Cone crusher

The structure of cone crusher mainly includes frame, horizontal shaft, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall (fixed cone), lower crushing wall (moving cone), hydraulic coupling, lubrication system, hydraulic system, etc. Part, as an intermediate crushing equipment for basalt, it has a very significant crushing effect on basalt, and has the following advantages.

1. The better combination of higher speed and stroke greatly improves the rated power and passing capacity of the cone crusher, thereby improving the crushing efficiency of the equipment.

2. Continuously carry out basalt crushing operation. During the crushing process, the equipment runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration, and the probability of failure is very low. The maintenance cost is reduced to a lower level and the equipment downtime is shortened.

3. Convenient operation and maintenance, the obtained basalt product has a very uniform grain size, and the service life of wearing parts is very long, which extends the replacement cycle of wearing parts.

Three, compound crusher

The compound crusher is a kind of basalt crushing equipment with high efficiency and high crushing capacity. The crushing ratio is very large. The crushed basalt meets the needs of customers; the crushing effect of basalt with high water content is better, and there will be no damage in the crushing process. Failure; the particle size of the resulting basalt product can be adjusted at will, effectively controlling the output particle size of basalt; the effect of processing basalt with a large mud content is also very good, because there is no sieve bar setting, there will be no blockage; parts replacement is very difficult Convenient, it can be quickly replaced only by opening the working compartment door, which shortens the downtime of the equipment.

Compound crusher

Four, impact crusher

The impact crusher can also be called impact crusher. It is processed by foreign advanced technology and technology. It has high crushing efficiency and is currently a more practical, safer and reliable equipment. It is mainly used for fine crushing of basalt. The fine crushing effect on basalt is very significant, with the following advantages.

1. The internal structure of the equipment is simple and the appearance is novel. The operator can quickly become familiar with the operation process of the equipment, and operate the equipment correctly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The crushing ratio is large, which can crush a large amount of basalt and increase the output of basalt.

2. The wear-resistant parts are made of extremely hard wear-resistant materials, which improves the wear resistance of the wear-resistant parts, reduces the friction during the crushing process, and prolongs the service life of the wear-resistant parts.

3. The resulting basalt product has a large cubic content, and the particle size of the basalt product completely meets the needs of customers, and the operation and maintenance are also very convenient.

Impact crusher

The above are several kinds of crushers commonly used in basalt production lines. These crushers are produced by Red Star machines. In addition, Henan Dewo crusher Machines also produces other basalt crushers, such as impact crushers, hammer crushers, etc. , There are many types and models. If you are interested in the Henan Dewo crusher Machine Basalt Crusher, you can go to Henan Dewo crusher Machine for field inspection and on-site testing of the performance of the equipment.

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