Causes of jaw crusher blockage and general solutions

If jamming occurs in the jaw crusher, it will affect the normal operation of the jaw crusher, thereby reducing its production efficiency. How to solve the jamming problem of the jaw crusher? The following Henan Dewo technicians will explain the cause Causes and solutions of jaw crusher blockage.

The main reason for the jaw crusher to stop during crushing and blocking is that too much material accumulates in the lower cavity of the jaw crusher and cannot be discharged, which can withstand the moving cone and cause the motor to overload and stop. There are usually two situations that cause jumps: the first is that the output of the jaw crusher is high and the plate conveyor is too late to pull away; the second is that the downstream equipment jumps and the jaw crusher continues to crush. Once this happens, all the materials in the crushing cavity must be cleaned out before the machine can continue to be started.

In order to prevent material jams, we use sound and light indicators to directly indicate material dumping. Since the operating current of the heavy conveyor under the jaw crusher has a good correlation with the amount of material in the lower cavity, and every time the jaw crusher is tripped in the lower cavity, according to the plate conveyor Current characteristics. A solution was formulated, that is, install an electric bell and alarm flashing light at the jaw crusher’s discharge port, which is directly connected to the relay in the electrical cabinet. When the plate conveyor reaches a set current value, the relay is closed and the alarm light starts Flashing, the bell rang. If the downstream equipment trips and stops, when the current of the slat conveyor is zero, the sound and light alarm will also prompt. After receiving the alarm, the mine truck driver will stop dumping materials to prevent material jams.

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