Basic introduction of crushing section in sand and gravel production line

The crushing section of the sand production line is the basic unit of the crushing process, and it is also a more basic process in the sand production line. Different crushing sections and different combinations of crushers and screens have different crushing processes. The line crushing section is composed of the screening operation and the crushing operation where the products on the screen enter. The individual crushing section may not include the screening operation or include both screening operations.

The basic forms of the crushing section of the sand production line are:

a is the crushing section of a single crushing operation,

b is the crushing section with pre-screening operation,

c is the crushing section with inspection and screening operations,

Both d and e are crushing sections with pre-screening and inspection screening operations. The difference is that the former is that the pre-screening and inspection screening are performed on different sieves, and the latter is performed on the same sieve, so e can be seen as a change in d.

The crushing process with more than two stages is a combination of different crushing stages, so there are many possible solutions. However, a reasonable crushing process can be determined according to the number of crushing sections required and the necessity of applying pre-screening and inspection screening.

The required number of crushing sections of the sand and gravel production line depends on the maximum particle size of the original ore, the required final crushed product size, and the crushing ratio that each sand and gravel production line can achieve, that is, it depends on the required total crushing ratio and the crushing ratio of each section.

The maximum particle size in the raw ore is related to the storage conditions of the ore, the scale of the mine, the mining method, the transportation and handling methods of the raw ore, etc. The particle size of the final crushed product varies depending on the purpose of crushing. For example, the self-grinding machine requires 300-500mm for the ore, the particle size of the Gong iron ore smelted in the blast furnace is divided into two levels, less than 25-30mm and greater than 25-30mm. The reasonable feeding particle size of the rod mill is 20-40mm, and the ball mill The reasonable grain size is 10-25mm. The reasonable particle size of the final crushed product mainly depends on the process requirements and the result of technical and economic comparison.

On the other hand, when determining the particle size of the final crushed product, the actual size of the crushed product that can be achieved by the crusher to be selected must be considered, that is, it must not exceed the allowable adjustment range of the discharge outlet, so that a smaller size can be obtained if the equipment permits. Granularity of crushed product.

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