Basalt Sand Making Production Line And Sand Making Equipment

Introduction to Basalt

Basalt is mostly in various colors such as dark green, black or dark brown. It has excellent properties such as compression resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. It is a material with very high comprehensive utilization value. With the domestic demand for it Gradually increase, it has more room for development and applicable fields. In addition to its application in industrial fields, it is also applicable to various industries such as railways, construction, and engineering.

Basalt sand making process

Basalt can only be better used after it is strictly processed. In addition to processing the ore with separate equipment, it can also be produced with more advanced basalt sand making technology. Compared with the former, the latter’s There are too many users. In this article, we will give a detailed introduction to the basalt sand making process and advantages.

Basalt sand making equipment

Basalt sand making equipment configuration

The configuration of basalt sand making equipment includes: jaw crusher, sand making machine (also known as impact crusher), sand washing machine, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and conveying equipment. The following is an analysis of some of the core equipment:

1. Jaw crusher

This equipment mainly plays a role of crushing in the basalt sand making process. Only after its initial crushing task can the subsequent tasks be processed effectively. Its performance is very stable and running smoothly. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of the entire process. Kind of equipment.

2. Sand making machine

As the core equipment of the basalt sand making process, it plays a vital role in the entire production process. Its fineness has a more direct and closer relationship with the entire processing effect. Therefore, when configuring the hardware of the process , We must choose high-quality, low-power, high-performance sand making equipment.

3. Sand washing machine

If the impurity content of basalt is relatively high, this equipment should be used for sand washing. The sand washing machine produced by Red Star Machine has the advantages of good sand washing effect, large production capacity, safety and environmental protection, etc. This move has been well received by users. And affirmation, so far the user’s recognition of it is very high.

Basalt sand production process

The basalt sand making process is the production and processing process of processing the mine. The specific process is as follows:

First of all, the original basalt is put into the feeder after preliminary filtering, so as to complete the preparation work. It is necessary to ensure that there are no foreign objects and debris in the feeder. If not, the purity of the basalt will be greatly reduced.

Secondly, the material in the feeder is transported to the jaw crusher through the conveyor to complete the crushing operation. According to the process requirements, equipment with a relatively large crushing ratio must be selected to ensure that the discharge particle size can meet the requirements.

After being crushed, the basalt enters the sand making machine for sand making operations. The basalt materials after the sand making process need to be screened by a vibrating screen. Unqualified materials are returned to the sand making machine for secondary processing, and qualified materials enter the sand washing machine to complete the sand washing work. Such repeated production has increased the comprehensive utilization rate of materials.

Basalt sand production process

Advantages of basalt sand production line

The advantages of the basalt sand production line are very numerous, which are concentrated in the following aspects:

1. Compact structure: The process adopts a reasonable structure configuration, so its design concept is very accurate and novel. Together with centralized electrical control, it can effectively simplify the operation difficulty of the process and make its operation and use more flexible and convenient.

2. Higher output: Its sand making effect is very good, and its production capacity is very large, so its output and capacity can meet the higher standards required by users, and only then can it create more amazing economic value for users.

3. High safety and efficiency: Safety is very important to users. Only by ensuring process safety can it be used by users to a greater extent, and the service life of the process can be prolonged reliably. Users are satisfied with this The degree is very large.

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