Application of sand making machine artificial sand and gravel aggregate

Artificial sand and gravelĀ aggregate process: the materials (limestone, marble, granite) enter the coarse crushing equipment through the feeder, the coarsely crushed aggregate enters the fine crusher for secondary crushing and shaping, and then transported to the screening device by the belt conveyor. Aggregate grading. After meeting the required finished aggregates, the excess and unqualified aggregates are sent to the sand making equipment. The aggregates crushed by the sand making machine are transported by the belt conveyor to the screening workshop again for classification. In this way, the medium crushing device, the sand making device and the screening device form a closed loop, and the future material is processed into the required finished sand aggregate. The production of artificial sand and gravel materials can be produced by dry or wet methods. In consideration of environmental protection and water saving, the classification of sand can be classified by a winnowing machine, which is conducive to environmental protection and adjustment and control of the content of stone powder at any time.

The sand making machine is used in the entire artificialĀ sand aggregate process, and the technology is more mature. The re-adjusted internal structure makes the operation of the crusher safer and more stable, and improves the production efficiency and environmental protection to a new level. In order to continuously meet the ever-increasing economic development, the application of large-scale equipment appears to be more extensive. When automation and environmental protection conditions are met, more efficient and capable crushing machinery has become the main trend of customers when choosing. The sand making machine can easily choose the full center and waterfall methods on the feeding system. In terms of the crushing principle, you can choose between “stone hitting stone” and “stone hitting iron”. It is convenient to adjust according to the actual situation of the crushed material, which greatly improves the production. ability. With the same size to achieve greater capacity, the sand making machine plays a major role in the future development of crushing machinery in terms of practical performance and design concepts.

The selection of artificial sand and gravel aggregates should give priority to equipment that is easy to operate, reliable in operation, and low in energy consumption and operation and management costs. The load factor of the equipment, the size of the product to be processed, and the amount of gradation change are also important selection factors. The equipment configuration of the sand production line is mainly determined according to the customer’s stone specifications and output and the use of the stone. The new type of sand making machine is used in the artificial sandĀ aggregate process, and the economy and technology are significantly improved. Service, configure the process according to the customer’s production site, and strive to achieve a more reasonable and economical production line for the customer.

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