Analysis of the Causes of Cone Crusher Overload “Flying”

The cone crusher is suitable for the crushing of raw materials in the metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemical and silicate industries. It can crush various ores and rocks with medium and medium hardness. Cone crusher has large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product size, suitable for medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks.

According to practical experience, there are several reasons for the load “speeding” of the cone crusher:

(1) There are few contact points between the cone sleeve of the cone crusher and the main shaft, and “speeding” occurs in the gap of the crusher’s material interruption. In fact, this still belongs to the air transportation of the copper cone sleeve due to heat protruding inward and turning “speeding”. If it is still unable to press down after feeding, the spindle rotation speed will lose control.

(2) The cone sleeve of the cone crusher cracks during operation, the contact surface with the main shaft becomes smaller, and the oil film is destroyed, which causes “speeding” due to the sharp increase in dry friction temperature.

(3) The cone sleeve of the cone crusher is affected by the non-crushing object (over iron) during operation, which causes the load to be too large, the zinc filling falls off, causing the cone sleeve to move up, and the gap between the main shaft and the cone sleeve becomes smaller and “speeding”.

(4) When the crusher is running, a large amount of heat will be generated between the transmission parts. Under normal circumstances, the heat is released through the heat exchanger to achieve the thermal balance of the system. If the heat generated by the system is too large, exceeding the cooling capacity of the cooler, or the cooler has problems, the heat exchange efficiency will be reduced and the heat balance will be broken. The oil temperature continues to rise, the strength of the oil film decreases and dry friction occurs, and even burns occur in sliding contact parts such as bowl bearings, vertical sleeves, taper sleeves, and shaft sleeves. As a result, the shaft holding between the taper sleeve and the main shaft causes “speeding”. Sometimes the oil supply is interrupted due to the failure of the thin oil system, and the interlocking protection of the pressure relay does not work, so rapid and serious burns occur at the sliding contact parts, accompanied by severe “speeding”. This is a very dangerous situation. Failure to park in time will cause serious consequences.

(5) The installation gap between the cone crusher main shaft and the cone sleeve is too small, or the bowl-shaped bearing wears and thins due to long-term use, and the cone sinks, which causes the gap to become smaller, resulting in additional load between the cone sleeve and the main shaft and large contact stress. Increase, destroy the oil film and cause “speeding”.

(6) The outer surface of the main shaft of the cone crusher is seriously worn, and even grooves of different depths appear, which makes the contact between the shaft and the cone sleeve deteriorate and cause “speeding”. Practicing the watch nozzle, no matter what kind of situation causes “speeding”, cone sleeve burns will occur, and most of the burns occur on the side from the thin side of the eccentric shaft sleeve, and often occur within 1/4 of the length from the upper mouth. It can be said that the origin of the “speeding” accident is between the main shaft and the anchor sleeve.

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