Advantages of coal gangue crusher machine of Henan Dewo

Coal gangue is a kind of black-gray rock with lower carbon content and harder than coal that is associated with coal seams during coal formation. The use of coal gangue, coal slag, and slag as additives and internal fuel for brick factories; the use of gangue and shale to produce standard bricks and hollow bricks is a major measure that conforms to national policies and benefits the society. Coal gangue is crushed by a crusher to make coal gangue particles, which are then mixed with other materials to make asphalt mixture and cement concrete using production technology.

Traditional crushers with grate sieve plates are not suitable for raw materials with a moisture content higher than 8%. When the moisture content of the raw materials is higher than 10%, serious blockage is more likely to occur, so that the hammer cannot be rotated, the material cannot be discharged, or even burned. Broken motor seriously affects production. The crusher design has no screen grate bottom, no strict requirements on the moisture content of the material, there is no problem of clogging the sieve plate, and there is no problem of fine powder that can not be discharged in time and repeated crushing, so the crushing efficiency is high, and there is no hammer. Ineffective wear phenomenon. Thoroughly solve the problem of crushing high-humidity materials.

The Henan dewo coal gangue crusher has high output, low noise and very good crushing efficiency, which solves the problem of excessive wear of the hammer and liner of the old crusher. It is mainly suitable for the crushing of cinder, slag, shale, coal gangue, construction waste and other materials in brick and tile factories. It solves the problem of using gangue and cinder as additive and internal fuel for brick factories; using gangue and shale to produce standard bricks and hollow bricks with high humidity The problem of material crushing.

Henan Dewo coal gangue crusher has seven crushing advantages:

1. The coal gangue crusher adopts multi-channel discharge, which increases the output per hour, while reducing the circulating sedimentation of dust. The dust prevention effect is good, and no dust collection device is required;

2. The super composite wear-resistant hammer has a service life that is dozens of times longer than that of traditional crushing equipment;

3. The equipment is not blocked, not stuck, and has good yieldability, high safety factor, and rainy weather does not affect production;

4. The discharging granularity can be adjusted arbitrarily, and is not affected by the wear of the wearing parts;

5. The wheel and main shaft will not wear out for a long time and need not be replaced;

6. Large output, low energy consumption, saving more than 40% of power consumption under the same output;

7. Convenient maintenance. The hammer head can be replaced by opening the inspection door without disassembly and assembly of the whole machine, which is very convenient.

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