4 points to pay attention to when choosing stone production line equipment

With the unfailing development of the real estate industry in my country, this means that the demand for sand and gravel has increased. With the lack of natural sand, artificial sand has gradually replaced natural sand, and the production of machine-made sand has become the focus of our attention. Dewo stone production plant  introduced how to build a safe and effective stone production line.

Before selecting the equipment of the stone production line, we should choose the material source for the production of artificial sand. The output, quality, quality, etc. of the artificial sand produced are mostly determined by the equipment of the stone production line. Therefore, in the stone production line In the selection of equipment, it is necessary to understand the performance of the equipment and the main purpose of the sand and gravel produced.

Professionals analyze how to choose stone production line equipment for you based on professional experience:

1. Under normal circumstances, we think that if three-level coarse aggregate is used, we can use two crushing sections for crushing. If necrosis is used for four-level coarse aggregate, we can use three crushing sections to perform broken.

2. A key task of the stone production line is to coarsely crush the materials. For the coarse crushing of stone, our common crushers mainly include jaw crushers. Jaw crushers are widely used coarse crushing equipment. The main tasks are For the preliminary crushing of the stone, the main advantages of the jaw crusher are high output and reasonable price. The content of needle-shaped pieces of the stone after the preliminary crushing is small, which is a good equipment for coarse crushing.

3. After the material is coarsely crushed, the next step is to finely crush the material. Generally, the equipment for medium and fine crushing in the stone production line equipment is mainly the impact crusher and the cone crusher. Generally, the medium and fine crushing of soft rocks We use impact crushers, such as limestone. The impact crushers have high production capacity and can reduce the crushing section. For the crushing of medium-hard rock, we generally choose cone crushers. When we select stone production line equipment, we must first Analyze the raw materials to understand their properties and select the equipment, otherwise it will bring unnecessary trouble to the production and reduce the efficiency of production.

4. For sand making machines, China’s sand making machines are constantly improving. At present, there are roughly two types of sand making machine equipment, one is a vertical shaft impact crusher and the other is a single impact system. Sand machine and vertical shaft impact crusher have been used in major projects in China. For the sand and gravel produced by the vertical shaft impact crusher, the fineness modulus is adjustable, the quality is good, and the quality is good. For a single vertical impact sand making machine The quality of the sand produced by the machine is also very good and the cost is very low, but it is mainly used for the crushing of limestone and granite.

Henan Dewo Sand Making Machine Factory reminds us to choose the more suitable stone production line equipment, improve work efficiency and save investment cost is our common goal. Based on the characteristics of the above stone production line equipment, investors can compare and select stone production line equipment suitable for their own production environment according to their actual production conditions.

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