4 advantages of the dry sand making machine production line

4 advantages of the dry sand making machine production line developed by Henan Dewo Machine.

The dry sand making machine production line equipment developed and produced by Henan Dewo Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is to directly use the sand and gravel materials produced by the sand making machine to remove the fine powder components by the powder selection equipment to ensure the particle size gradation and good quality of the finished sand And taste. What are the advantages of the new dry sand making machine production line?

Look at the high-standard machine-made sand with beautiful and reasonable grading. Explore the “four advantages” to create higher production efficiency

The dry sand making machine production line consists of third-generation sand making machines and other supporting mechanical equipment to form a complete sand making production line. Compared with traditional wet sand making, dry sand making has four significant advantages.

Dry sand production line green production, environmental protection, not restricted by working conditions, sand production, profit is indispensable 1. Not restricted by working environment and water source

It is more convenient and flexible to configure the sand production line. Especially in the winter in the north, wet production is easy to be affected by the environment. The temperature is low, the flowing water source is lacking and the sand washing production after sand making cannot be carried out normally, and the partially washed sand and gravel materials are in mud The powder content is high, and the quality cannot be guaranteed, which will affect the taste of sand and gravel. Dry sand making can break through the environmental and geographical restrictions for production and has better adaptability;

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

The sand produced by dry sand making does not need to be washed with water, which saves water and at the same time makes full use of the fine powder components in the sand. The sand making machine has a high output but low energy consumption. It comes with a variety of dust removal measures. E Dust removal offline Automatic dust removal device, effectively achieve environmentally friendly production;

3. High gradation

The taste and gradation of the produced sand and gravel materials can better meet the needs of production. Dry sand production directly uses vibrating screening equipment to screen out the fine powder, which can well control the fine powder content in the sand and gravel. It is a modern aggregate and The production of concrete concrete provides high-quality sand and gravel raw materials and improves the compressive strength of concrete;

4. Reduce equipment investment by 30%

The dry sand production line has low production energy consumption, simplifies the sand washing process, and more importantly, it saves a lot of sand washing water and reduces production costs. This is one of the first, and the second has a long replacement cycle for wear parts of the sand making machine. , Wear-resistant and impact-resistant, reducing maintenance times and investment in accessories.

The complete configuration of dry sand making machine production line is “reasonable”

What equipment does a complete dry sand making machine production line need to be equipped with? The equipment is different according to different output, and the standard configuration of 200 tons per hour production line is listed:

Vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher (cone crusher) + sand making machine + vibrating screen

In the dry sand production line, the vibrating feeder evenly puts the materials into the jaw crusher for preliminary coarse crushing, and then the belt conveyor evenly sends the coarsely crushed stones to the impact crusher/cone crusher in an orderly manner Further medium and fine crushing treatment in the internal; the obtained fine stones are reasonably screened in the multi-layer vibrating screen, and the unqualified stones are returned to the upper level to be finely crushed; the qualified fine aggregates are sent to the sand making machine for sand making and shaping processing, and the finished products can be obtained. The aggregate is then divided into different product specifications through a vibrating screen, and then stacked separately by a belt conveyor for disposal.

“Multiple types” of sand making machines, waiting for you to discover

HVI, VSI, HX sand making machine models are waiting for you to choose, please feel free to make an appointment at any time to consult our company’s sand making machine equipment models and specifications, the common ones are HVI sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, straight-through impact type Sand making machine and other sand making machine equipment, and the price of the sand making machine is reasonable. At the same time, a variety of different equipment can form different sand making machine production lines and good production process flow, which meets the modern mass supply of high-quality sand and gravel materials.

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